Patrick and Joan Leigh Fermor House, Benaki Museum, Greece 2021.

site-specific walking performance in the landscape of Mani (Greece) with artists’ interventions in and around the house of Patrick and Joan Leigh Fermor. In a typical Mediterranean landscape of cypresses, olive trees, fragrant shrubs, white oleanders, wild flowers--as well as the extraordinary acousIcal coast line and surrounding mountains of Kalamitsi village a group of both sighted and partially sighted participants will experience a two-hour participatory walk and short performance pieces, ending at the interior of the Fermor house. Once inside, they will share unique insights gleaned from their collecIve journey, and reflect on their distinct  forms of embodied knowledge.

Project Curators: Fotis Flevotomos, Lydia Matthews

Guest Artists: Vassiliki Spachou, Fenia Papadodima, George Palamiotis, Eirini Steirou.

Community Partners: High School of Kardamyli, Panhellenic Association of the Blind in the South Peloponnese, Cultural Association for Art and Nature ‘Nartura‘

This work is commissioned and co-sponsored by the Benaki Museum as part of “Seeing with the Senses”—the Museum's monthly access program for visitors who are blind or partially sighted. it is realized with the support and valuable collaboration of the members of the association Nartura in Kardamyli, the teachers and principal of the High School in Kardamyli, and the members of the Panhellenic Association of the Blind in South Peloponnese.

Supported by NEON

Fotis Flevotomos’s research in multisensory practices for 2021 was made possible by a grant from the Greek Ministry of Culture.
Lydia Matthews's research in socially-engaged curatorial practices was supported by Parsons School of Design/The New School.